The nonprofit sector in Alberta is large and diverse with many organizations undertaking initiatives to address workforce issues. WorkforceConnect provides a forum for organizations to coordinate on-going activities to address HR and workforce challenges, and to identify potential partners and supports interested in working on common challenges.

Coordinating actions, sharing resources and reporting results will ensure that the resources we invest in workforce development support rather than duplicate existing efforts, are informed by the experience of others and have significant impact. Working together, we can leverage our resources and activities across the province, learning from one another to build solutions.

WorkforceConnect has the mandate and resources to deal with complex human resources issues in the nonprofit sector…But we need your help.

1)    Share your resources

Help the Alberta nonprofit community build its collaborative resources. WorkforceConnect offers a database of resources. If you have tools or information you would like to share, please create an account for your organization. Registered organizations are provided resource upload rights. If you would like to submit a resource without creating an account, please e-mail your resource to:

Mike Grogan
Alberta Nonprofit Workforce Council Secretariat
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2)    Create or Join an Action Team

Action Teams come together based on their own interests and assets. This approach creates strong teams that harness the power of self-interest within a shared vision: to create a sustainable, nonprofit workforce.

Join our efforts by establishing your workforce-related interest and/or activities as an Action Team. Working with WorkforceConnect will ensure your activities will benefit from the learning of others and your efforts will be leveraged across the province.

3)    Communicate

WorkforceConnect offers a forum for organizations and individuals to discuss and share their thoughts on critical workforce related topics. We’d like to hear from you.